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This little website aims to be a resource for all kinds of racing activities in GTA online. At the moment, there is a list of great tracks with the possibility to enter your fastest laps. Registered users can also create new tracks.

There's also a list of all land vehicles where you can see how other racers performed on various tracks.

Furthermore, there is a Random Grid Generator available, so if you host an event with multiple races, you can make sure that every participant has a fair chance with their positions on the starting grid.

NEW! You can host Staggered Start Races! Open the page of any track and click the button "Host a staggered start race". Your drivers can choose any car they like, and I'll try to find out when everyone can start, so everyone has an equal chance for winning a race. It is based on either Broughy1322's laps around Cutting Coroners GP ("Standard Only"), or your own laps that you entered here before ("Photo Finish") or a mixture of both ("Slow Assist"), meaning that drivers who are faster than Broughy on CCGP still use the standard Broughy-time and are not "punished" for being quick, whereas slower drivers may start a bit earlier to make them be able to still participate competitively.

Some great verified lap times (one per track)

Track Driver Vehicle Time
Stunt - Plummet metoxys 811 (Super) 3:04.959
Nodo RC Stage 10 friendlybaron Retinue (Sports_Classic, Sports_Classic_A, Sports_Classic_B) 1:30.710
Silverstone Sprint thegrodo Tyrus (before Gunrunning) (Super) 0:56.382
Elysian Flyby law-of11k-hours Osiris (Super) 2:05.793
Los Angeles Grand Prix _shedim_ Tyrus (before Gunrunning) (Super) 1:20.997
Maze-Whiz Street Circuit xzenvohh Osiris (Super) 2:33.138
SCRZ Summer Ring law-of11k-hours Feltzer (Sport) 1:09.628
Galaxy Stunty Stunt jerohan X80 Proto (Super) 2:29.088
F1 Faustian v2 deafplayer Elegy RH8 (Sport) 1:17.720
Acapulco Motor Park serenniel Jester (Racecar) (Sport) 0:46.601
metodrome metoxys RE-7B (Super) 1:48.500

The most recent tracks View all tracks Add a track

  Title Author Players length km
PC MIKE RenamedforSilkie ;p OfMikeAndMen 30 2.82
PC GrapeWay Tony_Soprano1985 30 3.09
PC GNGR F N Race gingerTRAVIS 30 4.81
PC GNGR Mirror Rorrim gingerTRAVIS 30 3.83
PC Murrieta Circuit neutreNN 30 3.00
PC MIKE Hot Doggo GP OfMikeAndMen 30 5.05
PC Dakota __Kasumi__ 30 10.61
PC Gangsta's Paradise __Kasumi__ 30 4.67
PC Coyote Speedrun __Kasumi__ 30 7.61
PC Glenwood Circuit G.L.E.N 30 2.57