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This little website aims to be a resource for all kinds of racing activities in GTA online. At the moment, there is a list of great tracks with the possibility to enter your fastest laps. Registered users can also create new tracks.

There's also a list of all land vehicles where you can see how other racers performed on various tracks.

Furthermore, there is a Random Grid Generator available, so if you host an event with multiple races, you can make sure that every participant has a fair chance with their positions on the starting grid.

NEW! You can host Staggered Start Races! Open the page of any track and click the button "Host a staggered start race". Your drivers can choose any car they like, and I'll try to find out when everyone can start, so everyone has an equal chance for winning a race. It is based on either Broughy1322's laps around Cutting Coroners GP ("Standard Only"), or your own laps that you entered here before ("Photo Finish") or a mixture of both ("Slow Assist"), meaning that drivers who are faster than Broughy on CCGP still use the standard Broughy-time and are not "punished" for being quick, whereas slower drivers may start a bit earlier to make them be able to still participate competitively.

Some great verified lap times (one per track)

Track Driver Vehicle Time
Eight Figure Bonus jxstfxlxx Jester (Racecar) (Sport) 0:52.817
The RallyMill abe.cede Asea (Sedan) 1:23.444
Elysian Flyby law-of11k-hours Osiris (Super) 2:04.910
On the GOH profoundrumble [p4ul] 811 (Super) 2:06.866
Maze-Whiz Street Circuit xzenvohh Osiris (Super) 2:33.138
SCRZ Summer Ring janx93 Feltzer (Sport) 1:09.515
Los Angeles Grand Prix piguy3141 Osiris (Super) 1:20.868
Muscle In jxstfxlxx Pisswasser Dominator (Muscle) 0:58.534
F1 Faustian v2 jxstfxlxx Elegy RH8 (Sport) 1:17.317
metodrome jxstfxlxx RE-7B (Super) 1:46.301
FISH Panic Attack janx93 Jester (Racecar) (Sport) 1:29.020

The most recent tracks View all tracks Add a track

  Title Author Players length km
PC Grand Prix du Schlag Le_Chat_Beaute 30 4.75
PC JFRY LS Marine Circuit jeffreyb1990 30 2.63
PC [Deleted] 0 0 0.00
PC FISH Grotti Yellow Jack '20 ImFishy 30 3.51
PC HEDE Crocs Hede 30 6.34
PC HEDE Litmas Hede 30 5.40
PC HEDE Chaparral Climb Hede 30 4.91
PC HEDE Pride Hede 30 3.49
PC HEDE Ostepops Hede 30 6.74
PC HEDE Pants Hede 30 7.04