Seed Circuit [PC] by meetmypyro


*Remake of PS4 Seed Circuit. Credit goes to JeffvdW* On the other side of the Alamo Sea lies the host of the third Grand Prix of the Formula One season: Seed Circuit. Every year, the farmers of this town have to make sure that their crops are being harvested before the V12 engined Supercars take the streets, because the massive air pollution will ruin any crops still growing. Maybe that's why them farmers aren't very keen on racing... Oh well, the fans love it, and entertained they will be. Route length & surfaces accurately measured by metoxys


Surface (move mouse over the colors to see the terrain type and percentage)

game mode
land race
route type
route length
4.48 km
num players
typical lap time
pit lane
RSC link
Compact, Coupe, Cycles, Motorcycle, Muscle, Offroad, SUV, Sedan, Sport, Sports_Classic, Super, Utility, Van
elevation changes

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