HEDE Pride [PC] by Hede


''One man come in the name of love- One man come and go- One man come he to justify- One man to overthrow-- (In the name of love- What more in the name of love)- (x2)-- One man caught on barbed wire fence- One man he resist- One man washed up on an empty beach- One man betrayed with a kiss-- (In the name of love- What more in the name of love)- (x2)-- Early morning, April 4- Shot rings out in the Memphis sky- Free at last, they took your life- They vould not take your pride'' - U2 - Pride


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Surface (move mouse over the colors to see the terrain type and percentage)

game mode
stunt race
route type
route length
3.49 km
num players
typical lap time
pit lane
NOT available
RSC link
Compact, Coupe, Cycles, Motorcycle, Muscle, Offroad, SUV, Sedan, Sport, Sports_Classic, Super, Utility
elevation changes

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